Magickal Matchmaking: The Driving Force Behind Phoenix & Lotus

Magickal Matchmaking: The Driving Force Behind Phoenix & Lotus

In a recent video on IGTV, I explained a little about how the shop came into being. There were a few things I forgot to mention... I'm repeating my business intro here and expanding on it because I feel like I glossed over some important parts of the story. Thanks for reading!

Once upon a time in 2015 when my marketing career was feeling stagnant and I wanted to learn something new that could help me both personally and professionally, I decided I wanted to launch an ecommerce website. (I learn by doing, so this seemed like a reasonable action). But I didn't just want to sell stuff - I wanted to feel like I was helping people somehow.

I'd been drawing a daily tarot card for several years at that point, tarot was an important part of my personal growth. By then I'd also started collecting decks - I appreciated the way different images helped me see different stories and messages in the cards. I decided to offer tarot readings - that's how I would help people. Online readings would be the focal point for my website. 

Then a funny thing happened... 

I started doing readings at local psychic fairs. A lot of them were slow, so the readers would swap readings. I had started working with indie decks by then: decks most of the other readers had never seen. We'd talk about the decks, where I got them, the artwork, the gorgeous packaging, the unique takes on different cards and...   I realized that I liked talking about different decks and helping people connect with decks they loved way more than I enjoyed doing readings. 

The entire concept for my business shifted. I wanted to sell indie decks. But it wasn't just about selling decks: I was helping readers find the decks that really resonated with them and helping indie creators connect with a broader audience. Still ticked my "helping people" box.

I started reaching out to some of the indie deck creators whose work I loved to see if they offered wholesale. Claire from Black and the Moon, James R. Eads, the makers of The Fountain Tarot, Skullgarden and Amy from This Lavish Earth all said yes. I will forever be grateful to them for trusting me with their amazing creations. 

Black and the Moon decks
Some of the first decks I carried in my shop.

Since my start in 2016, I've expanded my shop to include many more magical decks from around the world. At one point, I added some spread cloths and crystal grids from a major magical supply house and while people liked them and they sold? They didn't feel right. That helped me realize that the "connecting indie artists and makers with their people" component is always going to be a crucial part of my shop. I've added jewelry, spread cloths, deck bags, boxes, candles, and other magickal tools over the years. At some point, when I open a larger brick and mortar location, I'll add more and take joy in continuing to help people connect with the unique tools that make them feel  most magical. 


When you have the right tools, you trust them. Better that that: you trust yourself. You become a more confident reader, storyteller, healer, magician. You dream bigger. You speak bolder things into existence. 

I'm here to help you unlock that energy. Let's go find your deck.

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