The Tower Tarot Spread

The Tower Tarot Spread

The Tower represents massive shakeups—often forceful and unexpected. Those moments when we feel as though the world is falling apart around us? That's the energy of the Tower at work. It can feel raw and electric, like the lightning strike typically pictured in this card.

But lightning brings clarity: in that bright light, everything comes into sharp contrast, even if only for a few seconds. Numbered 16, the Tower reduces to the number seven… like the other sevens in the tarot, it's about assessment, evaluation, and seeing through illusions or deception to be able to choose the best course of action. When the Tower turns up, it's time to seriously consider what's beneath the surface and reevaluate your path.   

In the chaos of dramatic change, it's often difficult to see the Tower as an agent of purification. But once we can clearly see the false beliefs, outdated structures, and unhealthy relationships that have been holding us back, there's a beautiful potential for a fresh start.

Use this spread to explore what obstacles have been removed and uncover the opportunities for rebuilding on a true foundation as you move forward.  

Broken into two parts, the four cards that represent the Tower look at the structures being called into question, why they're being torn down now, how you can cope with the change, and the overall lesson to be learned. The second group of cards, representing the lightning strike, looks at how you can best take advantage of the clean slate you've been given. 

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