About Phoenix & Lotus

Jenn Waltner Phoenix & Lotus

Welcome to Phoenix & Lotus. I'm Jenn Waltner, proprietor and head witch in charge. 

I believe stories are magick and magick is a form of storytelling. What are spells but an effort to change the plot? 

I believe tarot and oracle cards (all forms of divination, really) give us a powerful means to reinterpret and rewrite our own stories. 

That's powerful stuff.

I want you to feel that power.  

I want you to find inspiration. The courage to be your own hero. The faith to envision things so much more miraculous than you ever imagined before -- and the belief that you can manifest that vision. 

The decks are here to help. They're here to reflect your stories and reveal fresh perspectives. Introduce new characters, settings and plot twists. Help you hone your story until it's so sharp and clear you can taste it, like a drop of rain on the tip of your tongue. 

Let's share some stories, shall we?

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