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One of my favorite things ever: watching someone go through a deck that lights up their soul. Hearing someone say, "This deck GETS ME." Or, "OMFG, this is my DECK."

One of my next favorite things: Getting a message that comes in hot. So hot and clear and true there is no doubt in your mind at all about what that card means.

I want that for you. And the best way I know how give it to you is to share what worked for me. Looking at allllll the indie decks. Trying to understand what makes each one different, getting to know them, their creators, their vibes. 

That's why Decked Out is designed as a monthly membership to help you dive into the nuances of various decks and how they influence the stories we tell ourselves... We'll geek out with different indie deck creators, readers and authors each month. How did they get started? Why did they draw that card THAT WAY? What's the best reading tip they ever got? Go-to spread? You get the picture.

Whether you're a total beginner or have been slinging cards for decades, these monthly interviews will give you fresh perspectives and techniques to explore in your own readings (plus gorgeous new decks to drool over!). I'll share spreads and guided meditations for you to try each month as well. (Dirty secret: spread crafting is one of the ways I keep my practice fresh).

You'll also get early access to new arrivals in the shop and other fun members-only perks. Sign up now for special rewards: choose the option that fits you best!

Full deck:

In addition to Decked Out with Phoenix & Lotus, a monthly video interview with a different deck creator, author, or reader, you'll get: 

  • a printable spread 
  • a short guided meditation to help you prepare for or reflect on the spread
  • access to Cardslingers' Coffee Break, an hour-long hangout where you can connect with like-minded souls to talk about your favorite decks, reading techniques and more. Time subject to change each month to accommodate members with varying schedules.
  • early access to new arrivals: enjoy the chance to shop new stock for a full week before it's released to other shoppers! 
  • access to discounted decks: retired demos, decks with dinged boxes, etc.

Emails with a link to the video recording, your spread and meditation go out each month on the New Moon. 

Minor arcana:

Get Decked Out with Phoenix & Lotus: access to a video interview with a different deck creator, author, or reader each month. Emails with a link to the recording go out each month on the New Moon.

Sample spread: 


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