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Indie Deck Review

Want to learn more about a deck before you buy? The cardslingers at Indie Deck Review do a thorough and thoughtful job of sharing their impressions. They're also the muscle behind the Real World Representation project (RWR), which quantifies how different decks present diversity across varying dimensions. If you want to make informed purchasing decisions, the team at IDR has you covered.

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Asali Earthwork

A Black queer femme community healer and earthworker creating insightful, honest book, tarot and oracle reviews. Her writing provides detailed critiques most readers will appreciate; her comments are especially valuable if you're looking for a QTPOC perspective. She's also got a wealth of great spreads.

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Wildly Tarot Podcast

Holly and Esther are so expressive you won't even care that you're not looking at the cards while listening to each episode (although you can see images in their Instagram stories). I love how they read multiple cards together. Listening to them completely changed they way I look at spreads and frame questions when I pull cards.

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